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Hi! I'm Paula. I create human experiences, through a user centered design 

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I believe a great story always has an interesting beginning, mine goes like this...


I was  born and raised in Colombia, grew up in New York and currently living in Montreal. Growing up in different places inspired in me a love for travelling and getting to know other cultures. I have a passion for social change. 

I am a  Researcher ~ Storyteller ~ Teacher ~ Creator. I consider myself a hybrid, with my background in Sociology, my experience in teaching languages, my interest in social innovation, and my exposure to the different facets of cultural diversity has given me the capacity to bring an abundance amount of versatility to my work place. 

I am someone who cares about the customer journey as this is what makes or breaks a project, an idea or a design. It is through the user experience that one can truly create a product that is for the user, by the user.


I am also a music lover, food nerd and travel lover! 

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Sociology + Design = UX

Sociology, in uncomplicated words, is the study of social problems. It is a diverse subject matter which considers religion, politics, family, culture, state, and a lot more. So, the question is simple. While designing for a user, should I consider his social relationships and problems to impress them with a product? Of course, yes! We would consider it and include it while building the User Personas as part of the research. The interfaces, content strategy, and even interactions have an impact. 


Some UX research methodologies are exactly same as Sociology and Anthropology’s. As a student studies in social science, we are familiar with interview, survey and participant observation. We have abundant experiences in conducting interviews and surveys in undergraduate.

Now let's talk about empathy, which is the core of UX. Sociologists ability to stand in users shoes and design friendly products to them. UX cares about context, it’s same as the “context” that we mentioned thousands times in Sociology research. While designing, we have to consider the user flow and users profile at the same time. Are they tech-savvy? They use the product in what situation? UX designers have to throw “I think” away and purely stand with users...Sociology is also interesting to think about in how today's technology is changing our culture, to truly understand why people make certain decisions, and then have the ability to apply that knowledge to the digital world. Sociology is truly an undiscovered world, so with this being said, I am here to fill this gap!

What I do

User Interface

Low to high fidelity prototypes, Wireframing, Mobile app, Web app

What I do

Research Design

Data collection, Analysis, Surveys, Focus Groups, Interviews,Consumer behavior

User Experience Design

Design Thinking, Persona Creation, Usability Testing, Empathy


My Projects | Case Studies

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Let's Chat!  

        Tel: 514-299-8711

          Montreal, Canada 

Paula Rueda

UX Researcher & Sociologist

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