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Gamifying employee engagement

TD insurance Challenge 2019

About the project

This project is a proposal for the TD Insurance Challenge. We decided to work on two themes proposed by TD Insurance, which were Increasing employee engagement and Reducing our environmental footprint. 

We wanted to create an app that would simplify generate a sense of purpose and foster personal and professional growth by engaging with TD's initiatives. Our app promotes real human connection, fueled by real human psychology.

Project by Team Insight, Sarah Givens, David Nwanko, and Niyi Onabanjo 2019.

The Challenge 

TD Insurance is asking you to come up with new initiatives to improve the positive impact it has on society and to improve community life. Sustainable development, employee engagement, policyholder security and fighting inequality are key issues that are an integral part of the insurance business – and it’s with this commitment to society in mind that TD Insurance has launched this challenge.

The TD Insurance Challenge was divided in 3 parts:

Step 1: Registration and submission of ideas (a pdf of 10 slides with our main idea)

Step 2: Development of the idea with mentors from TD Insurance (a 4 minutes video explaining the solution with user scenario)

Step 3: Present the project in Toronto to TD's VPS. 

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Brainstorm Sessions

With a cup of coffee, a whiteboard, sticky notes, pens and paper, we were ready to take on this project!  We wanted to know everything about TD's green initiatives, and what employees really felt, thought, and experienced while working at TD. 

Research, Research and more Research

We started researching what were the pains in employee engagement, we tried to put ourselves in the shoes of TD employees to understand what experiences TD employees had while working at TD. We created an empathy map to gain a deeper insight into our customer needs. We found that an employee’s sense of fulfillment within a large corporate environment relies heavily on the relationships they forge, so we set out to do just that!

Did you know...

"The highest performing teams have one thing in common: Psychological Safety"

-Paul Santagata

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Head of Industry at Google

Interview Session - Focus Groups Good af

Interviews - Focus Groups

We decided to schedule focus group interviews and user testing with TD employees here in Montreal to validate our findings. This was the moment we confirmed our hypothesis, and validated our assumptions. In order for us to build an app for TD employees and by them, we needed to build and create a fun and interactive way of engaging employees, streamlining information, reducing their carbon footprint while also creating the ideal work environment. 

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User Testing

Through continuous prototype testing, conducting interviews and obtaining customer validation led us to create a unique solution for TD employees.

Making work relationships FUN 

In its simplicity behind a fun, intuitive and colorful design, its users can select from 5 challenge topics: 1) Social initiatives, 2) Green initiatives, 3) Personal Pledges, 4) TD Rideshare, 5) Crescendo (through the potential partnership with Crescendo an AI chatbot powered through SLACK, we are adding value to the lives of HR and management)


How can we combine all of these concepts together? Simple we turned it into an interactive game format that provides the ability to track one’s progress and engagement.  Through an awards system, TD employees can collect “TD coins.” We believe that this would be a great tool for HR, who could translate these coins into TD Reward Points, vacation days, or even cash. 

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Icons have been designed with a simple and cohesive aesthetic, producing in us that nostalgic feeling - remember nintendo that’s what we were aiming for!


Carpooling for Employees

Now, what if I tell you that not only would TD employees be lowering CO2 Emissions but they would be building long lasting relationships? Sounds great right? Well, TD eNFLUENCE does this too! TD rideshare offers opportunities to foster friendship and trust among employees while finding a sustainable means of commute: thus answering their pain of wanting to connect with others while contributing to a greater cause: protecting the environment.  

Presenting our work

Thanks to the video we were selected among 785 applicants to pitch in Toronto to TD's vp's! We were able to present our prototype, our business model canvas, a timeline and estimated the cost of the project for future implementation. We were people's choice too!

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Paula Rueda

UX Researcher & Sociologist

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